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  1. My first post on ” our ” – David and ME – web site !

    Hope it is of interest and keep reading !

    Any feedback most welcome !

    Frank Gadek LMT Resident since 1974 = 39 years !

  2. Will start with some ” light ” humorous ones, which will go to the bottom as we get into the more serious ones. Stay tunes – it is for you not me – ” I had my day in the sun, 15 minutes of fame, etc. ” – good tan and almost a sunburn !

    All best in all you do for so many in your own way !


  3. Will Rogers – “ to lighten it up ! “

    Found my 1935 book on him recently.

    Use it in my decades of STS – NSF research of course to help better illustrate come points.

    He was “ very humorous “ since he told the “ truth “ that way !

    Just go a Google search of course, but some “ tidbits “ to try to show “ not much has changed “ in Washington, DC since the 1930 ‘s !

    “ Same old same old “ just different “ amateur “ comedian politicians – Will was professional !

    I will change the language a little since he spoke and wrote differently – the rural outsider – not well educated, but knew it when he saw it – he spoke to all even the common folk in simple common language – difficult to be misunderstood of course, like so many like it to be in the media !

    “ All just laughed at his humor ! “ – leaders, politicians, the common folk, etc. from around the world for many years. They were just “ honored “ to be noticed by him !

    All knew he never did a mean thing, even with his “ cracks “ about politicians – his main topic –“ I hit the fellow on top, not below – if he laughs, he is ok ! “

    But always said the “ unexpected thing, in an unexpected way at the most unexpected moment ! “

    He had a very unique personality, look, clothes, hat, hair, gum chewer, cowboy who loved to ride horses, rope cattle, etc.- instantly recognized even just by his voice !

    He said the amount of gum he has chewed came under the heading of “ manufacturing statistics ! “

    Never lost the “ common touch ! “

    Very generous to so many charities also.
    Remember – I have always been registered as an “ independent “ voter – just best for the job, not the party line – so I present the following in that spirit !

    Hope you get a few “ chuckles “ to brighten up your day in some small way ! Give you something to keep thinking and laughing about & some will ask why – tell them so they can too !

    Enjoy !

    He always stressed he was not a member of any “ organized “ party – he was a
    “ democrat ! “

    He also “ hit on “ just as much the Republicans also !

    They just keep passing those laws, never reading any of them of course.

    We need a new law – that every time they pass a new law, they have to immediately pass one to fund it !

    It snowed in Washington the other day, but it was hard to see due to all the lobbyists laying around !

    He said he was not anyone special – he got all he knew from reading the newspapers !

    So he met FDR one day at the White House – President Roosevelt in the 1930’s & 1940’s – for those younger who may not know – FDR was laughing so hearty with his head thrown back as was typical of him – Will asked why was he laughing so hard ? – he just said he was just reading what they were saying about him in the newspapers !

    No stenographers for Congress in 1833 – they could all write then !

    He traveled the world and in many countries he did not know their language [ he had enough trouble with his own he said ! ] and they did not know his – so he just did his famous rope tricks and they were communicating just fine !

    He did the same when his jokes did not go over with a crowd when he performed !

    Swinging a rope is ok if your neck is not in it !

    They have some sort of a conference before every war, to stop wars, just stop those conferences !

    Why is everyone so interested in the presidential election, why you would think the president runs the country !

    One of the congressmen decided to read the constitution aloud on the floor of congress – most congressmen [ note they were all men then I believe – but not today of course ! ] thought he was just reading a review of his new book !

    But when they found out it was the constitution, the realized “ all the laws we already
    had ! “

    There is no credit being a comedian when you have the whole government working for you – I just report the facts with no exaggeration !

    Every time Congress makes a law, it is joke and vice versa !

    Congress learned to listen to him, a few adverse words by him meant the end of that piece of legislation.

    At one show for a president, after it, the president said now will you tell all the jokes you tell about me ?

    The bet.” Could he get so silent President Cal to even crack a smile? “ Well Will was introduced to him and Will bent over and whispered in Cal’s his ear “ Sorry I did not get name ? “ Will got Cal to smile !

    Meeting a politician Will said I am just a “ humorous “ writer and the politician replied that he was a “ serious “ writer, then Will said maybe we are “ both wrong ! “

    In Congress they are always so polite – “ the gentleman from New York says I yield to the gentleman from Maine. “ Should it not be – “ they coyote from New York yields to the polecat from Maine ? “

    Congress just appropriated more money than any in the past, but that is ok, we are not paying our national debts anyway !

    On that he should run for congress – “ Do you want a congressman who is funny on purpose ? “

    We will not only give the farmer “ relief, “ we will “ cure “ him of being a farmer !

    After the big crash of October 1929, some said was due to the Republicans, “ it is the end of the Republican party,” so they will be going to the grave, but the Democrats will

    He visited Italy and saw the “ ruins of the Roman Empire “ and commented – “ They had a senate too, but we also have a house of representatives, so we should do it much better and faster ! “

    No US Marines – none in one country – must have been one of our so called enemy countries !

    The rich “ They could be just as good as anybody else if they were given an equal chance ! “

    Bankers “ Nicest bunch to foreclose on a widow ever met ! “

    Elections and Halloween – the most fun – On Halloween, we put pumpkins on our heads, the politicians do not have too ! [ As Halloween approaches of course ! ]

    Olympics – 50 nations coming, either a success or a war – come, you do not want to miss it either way !

    Some politicians say if elected they will pull us out of this financial hole – so just elect them to prove the “ liars “ they are !

    Personally I think this is the right year for a “ good man to be defeated ! “

    America, great nation 1900 – 1942 – many odd inventions to get somewhere, but could not think of any when they got there !

    They investigated Wall Street but could not dig it all out – list was over 24,000 !

    Taxes – they tax the boot, but not the shoe, the caps, but not the hat, etc. – about as nonsensical as the things that they did do !

    On his bad grammar – “ did not know they were buying grammar now, I thought it was ideas and thoughts that count – I write like I talk – any bad grammar ain’t intentional !

    Wrote for 350 daily and 200 Sunday newspapers from coast to coast for about 40 million readers – so some found “ fault “ with him and even some of the editors also found fault – his comment was that “ he was in no way responsible for any of the comments of the editors – as long as it kept their subscriptions up and filled just space in their publications, some may even be humorous ! “ Opps !

    He visited England and stopped by the palace – just knocked on the door and said
    “ they were over visiting in the USA recently and told me to just drop by anytime I was in town ! “ They all had lunch together that day !

    At one event, he said “ Wish the guy who writes my stuff could be here to talk for me ! “

    On him stopping writing for a publication – “ they got behind in their payments and suddenly I could not think of a single joke ! “

    It was during prohibition and at a big banquet he got a standing ovation – he said
    “ Sit down you are going to tip over your booze bottles under your chairs ! “

    He usually preferred to go to eat lunch with those in the production they were doing together – then when they went to pay for their lunches he already had paid for them
    all !

    Many a “ supposed “ old cowboy would greet him on the street – Will would just say
    “ You look like you got rode hard in life “ and press money in his hand and just walk away !.

    “ America can whip a nation, but it s harder to collect a dollar from them ! When we go abroad we are as welcome as rent collectors ! “

    In California back then, the legislature adjourned because of lack of funds. Nothing will dampen the public spirit than cutting off the salary ! “

    No one likes his cause as much as he likes to just talk about it ! “

    He observed in England one group about 100 yards apart from their opposing group with half of London between them just “ laughing “ – both opposing groups just left !

    When he visited England and a female member of their parliament and she came to one of his shows – he had great difficulty getting her to “ stand up “ to be recognized – when she did, he said “ but in Parliament they had a difficult time to get you to
    “ sit down ! “

    He always recognized those in attendance, usually for a joke on them. So when “ Lucky Lindy “ – if do not know Google him – was at one, he made Will a bet, Will would “ not “ be able to call on him to stand up – Will said “ most difficult bet I ever won ! “ But Charles, so popular “as Lucky Lindy, “ was really a very “ shy ‘ person – so Will respected his wishes, besides winning the bet of course – not the money, but
    the “ win ! “

    There were no mail robberies during the Democratic administration – they never knew when the mail was coming !

    “ War “ – but I am not naming the country – not USA ! – Will – “ You cannot get a war with them at the last minute – you have to book it way ahead of time – they even keep score – yea, won 3 out of 5 and still in the last division – have to do better next year ! “

    “ We could not join in, we were already two bonuses behind from the last one ! “

    Passing bills in Congress – usual procedure – won’t read it, nobody knows what is in it and will vote for it in the usual way – all in favor say “ Aye “ –Ayes have it – but something is the matter, they coming “ so slow “ today !

    Getting rid of crime – just “ tax it “ so high the criminals cannot afford it and the new taxes will help with the debt !

    They are as busy passing appropriation bills like hot biscuits at a country farmhouse ! “

    A holding company is where you hand an accomplice the goods while the policeman searches you ! “

    One thing about farmer’s relief, it will not last long, there is not much more left to relieve them of ! “

    Two Americans cannot meet today without one banging the gavel and calling the other to order !

    Two senators came to visit him and were told they were “ only senators, “ so they should just wait and come back tomorrow !

    How does he get by with all his jokes “ I am not for anything, not selling anything, not promoting a remedy for anything ! “

    When asked if the field of humor is crowded, he replied only when Congress is in session ! “

    After all the big dinners, his favorite meal was almost nightly chili – in NYC but “ hole in wall “ – sitting on one of the stools at the counter – he said of the owner “ A Swede running a chili joint – now that is a great gag ! “ Said he could only make his $500 speeches [ a lot in those days – money and number wise also] by eating the chili “ both” before and after ! – a simple man with simple tastes !

    The president made a speech the other day and Congressmen will immediately “ misunderstand “ him !

    He would never go back to his hometown to give a show since it would not be successful – all would say “ Will would be just saying all the things he said around here for so long ! “ They had heard it all so many times before for free, now to pay for it – no way !

    It is a great country but you cannot live here for nothing.

    A particular politician – “ no man ever so investigated and dined at the same time, keeps three [3] decorations ahead of the investigating committees ! “

    Someone who had too much to drink looking for a fight was in Will’s seat after his speech at a banquet – it was baseball season so he just said to all at the banquet with his famous grin “ I am playing this base, you are out in center field ! Or should it have been “ left “ field ?

    “ Today, nobody has the right to be old folks ! :”

    Hen eggs are more valuable than duck eggs since the hen “ cackles “ to advertise her product ! “ Media take note !

    Truth in advertising is the “ grad school course for liars ! “

    Will said he did not go into politics as a necessity, he was already rich !

    Will also said I do not want to go into politics since up to now I have always tried to live
    “ an honest life ! “

    They wanted to give him an honorary college degree and he said “ What you want to now make a joke of college degrees ? “

    But he was named “ Congressman-at-large “ by the National Press Club – to continue his work commenting on politics – salary was $1 / year – suspended !

    Once he visited Washington to visit some of the politicians, but they were all out of town and asked who was running the country – answer “ Why nobody that is why things are starting to pick up ! “

    He was asked where he made his first speech – “Why at the YMCA – I complained about the showers ! “

    Suggested a special award for the “ worst loosing yacht builder, but the most cheerful looser “ & NYC Mayor Walker made it so !

    On more mail he got – “ Signs of better times, more people have money to throw away on postage stamps ! “

    This blog is long too, but not even close to his many jokes, but his life was way too
    short !

    His death – plane crash in far away Alaska – if a God, planned that way for many reasons ? – estimated 100,000 – 150,000 people silently filed past, – no pushing / fighting – in blazing hot sun – 3 women to 1 man – babes in arms – roads jammed for miles – many unable to get there – many bearing out of state license plates – a little man’s handful of flowers from his garden seemed to be the most appropriate !

    First mourner had taken his place at 1 am for the 8 am opening !

    Four Oklahoma Indians with special invitations to the private services came in their dilapidated car !

    As one of the so many eulogies noted “ The book is closed, but the life is not ended ! “

    But “ the show did not go on “ – all stopped for one full hour in all studios and much longer for many others ! “

    Read the rest elsewhere, if you can – keep that box of tissues handy for you sensitive ones !

    Nobody will ever be a Will Rogers again !

    “ And so it goes ! “



    As one of my internet radio DJ’s / IJ’s noted – When there is a disaster in the world we are the first to give the most – when we have a disaster – who in the world gives anything ? Guess I missed the long list – let me know where it is so I can look it up for my decades STS-NSF research – if it exists, you may have a hard time finding it !

    But after 9 / 11 President Bush said –“ yes the flowers, condolences, etc. are nice – but arrest some terrorists ! “

    I am not a big fan of him, but hey – another blog of course !

    “ No new terrorist attacks “ – we have to be 100 % right all the time, the terrorists just once anytime – so how do you prevent that one attack ?

    Notice many criticize presidents – but the still living presidents do not – “ been there done that “ – they all get gray so quickly !

    Simply, they know a lot more than we should ever know !

    Just read Tom Clancy and you may find out why ?

    As the saying goes, “ if you need a friend in Washington, DC – just get a dog ! A lot of them today will need a whole kennel !

    Read the book – it is a real hoot ! Some even slept with them !

    BTW – my grad work was in Washington, but that is another blog !
    In my immigrant family, Will and FDR were just “ Gods “ – they gave “ hope “ when there was none in so many ways for so many years – depression, WW I, WW II, etc. !
    Tom Brokaw’s book “ The Greatest Generation ! “ But not many left !

    Three cheers for those politicians –“ the few good ones “ – not all bad – who pushed the wheel chairs of the WW II vets for their first and last visits to the new WW II memorial thru the barricades !

    Security wisely just took their coffee break early ! During the big recent shutdown in case you forgot – who can ?
    Song “ Happy days are hear again “ now playing on my internet radio station !

    Then “ Keep your sunny side up ! “
    Truman was a different story for my Grandfather, a “ dyed in the wool always a democrat, “ not independents like my parents – not so much – ‘ HST – well he said Hxxxx Sxxx Truman ! – something to do with horse feces !

    We made regular visits to Hyde Park from Troy, NY !

    But that is all for another blog if you are interested.

    But sure would like to hear “ your “ stories – continue to educate us all – life is so short and so much too learn – of course not for those who think they already know it all !

  4. Columbo & Columbus !

    “ Just one more thing “ – as Peter Falk as Columbo on the famous TV series [not Columbus – as the King Id famous cartoon noted – “ Snookered ! “ – now Columbus day celebrated on Monday 10/14/13 & not 10/12/13 as usual].

    Get his book of above title if you want some laughs for stress relief – he wrote it for that reason. A real hoot ! Read it at least twice !

    A favorite in my decades of STS – NSF research of course – he just “ knows people so very well “ and does not need any high sci / tech to catch the criminals – they know it and just go quietly to jail !

    His wine episode was fantastic, perceptive & so accurate ! Well researched.

    Then all his movies now on DVD’s – what a range of characters he could play – yea, “ old timers too and also about the end of life – we all face – no one gets out alive as the saying goes ! “

    One of best is the famous Brinks robbery.

    DVD’s usually have extras about how the movie was made and much background info.

    “ Story time “ –

    So he flies into a remote area in South America to do a film and hoards of children come running to him yelling “: Columbo ! “ Then he notices all the TV antennae on their huts ! Picture of him signing autographs.

    His comment – “Even God could not make a face recognized by 2 billion people ! “

    But his was !

    He confirms that his famous and well worn “ raincoat “ is in his bedroom closet and not the Smithsonian of the “ urban legend !

    But who wears a raincoat in California ? It can rain so little there compared to LMT.. But he made it work !

    Enjoy !

    Frank LMT resident since 1974.

  5. “ Funnies & comics ! “

    Another “ lighter “ one !

    One of my internet radio shows I listen to a lot while working on my computer and around the property, did the music around the 1930’s involving the “ Funnies “ era, now called “ comics ! “

    That old term got my immediate attention – have not heard that in decades.

    If you follow the “ comics “ especially in the Sunday papers today, many contrast & compare young and old – e.g. Pickles, Out Our Way, For Better or Worse, Zits, Baby Blues, Family Circus, Luann, etc. in so humorous, entertaining, perceptive, etc. ways for all generations to appreciate.

    Many of us “ old timers “ remember that in the 1940’s when they were called the
    “ Funnies “ and the then mayor of NYC, LaGuardia, – so colorful & controversial, reading them so “ animated “ on the radio for us kids on Sunday morning, since there was a newspaper strike in the 1940’s so they were not in print.

    That helped to end the strike of course !

    WW II was on then too, so the “ Funnies “ were especially appreciated.

    Anybody remember the names of some of the ones so popular then but long gone
    now ?

    My parents “ hidden agenda “ was to start getting me to learn how to read ASAP of
    course ! It worked !

    They still brighten the day even if I have to take my glasses off to read them in so fine small print.

    Prince Valiant in the old “ Funnies “ was a full page in color !

    Enjoy – happy memories !

    Frank Gadek LMT Resident since 1974 !

  6. “ Click & Clack “

    No not LMT !

    Another brief “ light take “ to blog about,, especially after all the so serious issues !

    If you do not know of them and listen to them on NPR radio, you are missing a lot of
    “ laughs, “ but also practical options about repairing our so complex vehicles .- past & present.
    They are retired now but rerun of shows are fantastic !

    Their old first book is a “ real hoot “ also ! An intern from MIT at one of my technical management positions kept it for weeks to keep reading it, since he got such a kick out of it !

    Two [2] MIT science grads that make car issues very funny, but provide realistic
    options !

    On for decades and just get funnier – WHYY-FM Philly radio station – 10 – 11 am Saturdays only now. Good way to start stress relief for the weekend !

    Big column in Allentown, PA Morning Call on Sundays – “ Cars “ Section + web site naturally – just do a Google search for lot more.


    Bluegrass theme song !

    Tom & Ray Magliozzi, “ Tappet Brothers, “ Car Talk “ – both mechanics for decades with their own shop !

    Lot of jokes about being Italian + guests – some famous – e.g. Martha Stewart, etc. now that was a show – she just jumped into the spirit of the show – e.g. how to “ properly decorate “ a car for a wedding – her way of course is the best – many “ rules “ that must be obeyed !

    Many stories to tell – but you got the message !

    Enjoy !

    Frank Gadek LMT Resident since 1974.

  7. “ The lost art of compromise – even in LMT “

    Some can, even if difficult, some not, even if so easy.

    Simply, they are elected for the “ country,” not their party or other interests.

    Story time to best illustrate + a suggested reading assignment.-

    All apply to LMT – you find out why personally, since it does in so many ways – I can tell you , but you need to find out and convince yourself.

    Lot to just think about here, if so inclined or just your delete key and /or circular file – trash can – no issue with me ever – your choice, not mine !

    Democracy is about freedom, that is not free – many serious consequences no matter what you decide – but at least decide for yourself in a fully informed way.

    As we all know as we get older, it keeps us sharper & more active & alive to better appreciate life – the only one we get + many careers – but help in some even small way to make life better for those not so blessed as we have been. Social responsibility !.

    Story time – from a recent “ public radio “ broadcast – I prefer internet radio over TV for many reasons.- but did not get the name of well known political commentator

    The” Gipper “ – President Ronald Reagan, Republican and “ Tip “ O’Neil, Democrat congressional representative – for those who do not know – just do a Google search of course – in the so rough and tumble world of politics could always “ compromise “ for the overall good of the country long term – that was why they were elected of course – but many forget.

    Also, we elect them to be leaders, not saints, so they have many so understandable human issues. Europeans seem to be much more understanding.

    But if they can get the job done, that is what they are elected to do.

    They could and did for many years and for many complex issues.

    The joke – The “ Gipper “ said he would even go to “ hell “ together with “ Tip “ since he liked him so much !

    “ Gipper “ was convinced he was so good he would go to “ heaven “ & convinced “ Tip “ was so bad he would go to “ hell “ !

    They both heartily laughed and had another sip of their boubon ! They just loved so much their stories / yarns, etc.

    Then the Time Magazine article 10/07/13, page #25 by Chris Matthews famous journalist on his new book of 10/01/13 “ Tip and the Gipper “ – just read it – difficult to try to summarize.

    Personally as a long time only ” independent “ voter, I do not favor either – just get the job done as best you can under the circumstances in the long term best overall interests of the country and you get my vote.

    A very different time and era – but can we learn from it and profit from it right now ?

    Sure, but how specifically ?

    You blog comments most welcome as always – positive, negative, neutral, don’ know, too busy, etc. – in a democracy all have their say.

    We work together in the “ art of compromise “ only for best overall interests long term for LMT is the goal – suggested detailed implementation plans – yes that is plural !

    You try one & if not working, try another, until you find one that works properly !

    Then move on to the next LMT issue.

    Frank Gadek
    LMT Resident since 1974

  8. For Tom Clancy fans !

    Did you see the cartoon Monday 10/07/13 page News 13 in Morning Call by so very popular Randy Bish cartoonist for Pittsburgh Tribune Media – lot on PA politics of course also !.

    If not, just Google him.

    As Tom, big smile, sunglasses [since had eye issues] & brief case in hand makes his way to “ check-in “ for heaven.

    Security agent – “ One Delta Charley………we have a visual on Mr. Clancy ! “

    Thanks Tom ! – you will be greatly missed, but know you now had to accept the
    “ highest & ultimate call of duty, like so many others ! “

    “ Ten hut – Mr. Clancy on deck ! “

    “ Cue music “ – Bob Hope’s song “ Thanks for the memories ! “ Who devoted so much of his life “ entertaining “ the military & Tom “ educating us so much “ about the military.

    To all, finally” both “ sexes now [but who better in a war that involves “ children “ also – they can have them, we males cannot – the scorn & “ ‘what do you want to call it ? – an innocent child has suffered – of a woman ! ], who have and are now serving, please accept our “ sincere and heartfelt thanks for your service,” plus all those who accepted the highest & “ ultimate “ call to duty, like Tom and are no longer with us here on earth, but up there in the heavens – “ what a reunion “ – how long will it take them all to greet / meet Tom – not an issue – it is after all – eternity ?

    As Demi Moore said in movie “ A Few Good Men “ – “ you are on a wall somewhere protecting us so we and our family can sleep peacefully at night ! “

    Comments ?


    If you do not know Tom – just a Google search of course !

  9. “ STS – NSF “

    Science, Technology & Society – National Science Foundation

    All of this posted at the “ beginning “ of this new WWW for your convenience.

    “ Where to start ? “

    I would suggest the following.
    First, there are some –

    – “ very common and recognizable patterns “

    – + “ best practices “ to deal with them

    – Goal – to help the “ general public “ better understand and manage STS in their everyday lives

    – So “ many diverse ways “ are needed to better appeal to such diverse audiences

    – Thus, many “ diverse topics “ are used

    Some “ common phrases “ –

    If you are “ lucky” you get “ old ! “

    Some “ young “ feel know all the “ answers ! “

    Some “ old “ hope they know more of the “ questions “ to ask !

    “ No Simple Answers
    Intelligent Choices “

    Choices = trade-offs – but some not reversible !

    Only constant is change

    If not changing, falling behind

    Fail to plan, plan to fail !

    Know history or tend to repeat it – usually the worst parts !

    Make” your own “ mistakes, not repeat those of others – there are certainly a lot
    More ” new “ mistakes to be made !.

    Alan Kay – early personal computer “ guru “ –

    To predict the future –

    Prevent it { regressive ! }
    Invent it { progressive ! }

    If do not know where going, any road will take you there !
    { Balsam Range bluegrass group # 1 song & # 1 album 2013 !}

    Life = a journey not a destination

    Did not get to where I was going, but got to where I wanted to be !

    There are many” themes “ that are repeated as we explore STS – NSF together.

    I have included just “ pictures “ of them in a Word Document = “ Some STS – NSF Themes “

    Also some PowerPoint presentations to summarize a lot of introductory aspects.

    I consider them to be “ our homework assignments “ so we can better communicate.

    There will be hundreds of them – many all ready to go – will be posted as soon as possilble.

    These should get us all “ on the same page “ so we can interact much more “ efficiently and effectively. “

    Please feel free to “ disagree intelligently + facts ! “

    There are “ no answers, “ just “ options, “ as noted above.

    Those of you in management training know the value of “ brainstorming ! “

    Also, any errors and they will occur, please point them out so they can be promptly corrected.

    You know a lot about me – education, training, life, careers, background, etc. to better judge my credibility & short comings.

    But it would help us all if you all share the same as much as you want about you so we can better understand and interact with each other.

    “ Life long learning “ with so much to learn in one so short lifetime !

    But you just do the best you can in the hope of making life better in some small way for others who did not even have the opportunities we did !

    “ Payback time ! “ as responsible citizens !


  10. “ Careers – “

    Originally from Troy, NY – do not miss their so harsh winters ! Many stories to tell.

    “ Education – “

    Local public grammar school – small & good teachers, etc. – why LMT school is so important !!!

    Local prestigious military high school – La Salle Institute [LSI] l – 55th anniversary graduation next year –tuition was $10 // month ! – junior ROTC & became commissioned officer second in command – very active & got four [4] year full scholarship to Siena College.

    “ Military discipline “ a big key in being successful.

    As the military head said “ I we cannot depend upon you to even be in proper uniform, how can we depend upon you for anything else ?.

    Local Siena College – B.S. in chemistry – this year our 50th anniversary graduation & all six [6] chem majors did very well in our own ways – I could not go but some could, but we did communicate by phone, email, etc. I even did a PowerPoint presentation for them on our years there and sent it to them

    Great “ technical “ education for your “ careers. “

    But also great” liberal arts “ education for your “ life “ !

    Minor in English with great profs there too

    Helps especially with dealing with difficult people !

    Mandatory first two [2] years in ROTC – challenge for many but of course not for me with previous junior ROTC

    Note – many in the Troy, Albany [the state capital] & Schenectady area who became prominent & leaders graduated from La Salle Institute [LSI & Siena


    “ Summer positions “– maintenance at high school, hospital laundry – even ran it when boss on vacation & New York State health department inspector 1000 Island region.


    Ph.D. synthetic organic chemist Catholic University, Washington, DC. Super thesis advisor & great scientist, besides an incredible humanist.

    Military deferment during Vietnam War at that time, as a graduate student – working on some basic research distantly related to malaria, a very big issue in many areas of the world & supported by the federal Public Health Department.

    Post-doc for six [6] months.


    “ First full time position “ – Assistant Professor teaching chemistry & related courses at Allentown College [AC], now De Sales U. [DSU], became Full Professor with tenure & taught there for over 20 years – day, evening, off campus, science / non-science, / traditional & non-traditional age students.

    Much safety training especially sponsored and funded by NSF.

    Found out I developed and taught one of “ first “ chemical safety courses for chemists in the country.

    Sad to say, the American Chemical Society [ACS] still does not require one in their approved chemical education programs – but that is changing ever so slowly – many stories to tell.

    I am an Emeritus Member and my 50th year with some perks & special recognition – only about 1 % of us of the total membership & very understandable.

    Also taught very popular & successful courses with lab in the science of enology [winemaking ] to many small winery people on the East Coast, including Canada & even Jamaica with the beginning of the PA Farm Winery Act in 1968 – first in the nation to foster grape growing & wineries to keep the land in agriculture and not development !

    Established Enology Education Services [EES] to take enology courses “ on the road “ even to other states.


    Unfortunately, they were learning “ the hard way “ like many academic institutions at that time, that industry long ago learned _ “ you obey all the laws fully since it is always cheaper in the long run, besides all the negative publicity. “

    So I had to sue them over a decade with eight [8] lawyers – all in some form of burnout due to the great stress – over there many so serious environmental, safety, health, hazardous waste, etc. issues. Settled out of court after a week of our testimony & before they began theirs.

    One of my expert witnesses, probably the best in the country, was the hit of the trial. Their lawyer asked a question “ he did not know the answer to “ – first rule for lawyers – do not do it – I do not think he will do it ever again ! So many stories to tell !

    If I did not sue, I could go to prison, heavy fines, end of career, etc.

    We made “ new law “ to protect all chemists. The judge even wrote it up in about 10- pages for the local law journal. Can provide copies. Well known by local chemists.

    Also my press clippings – made all the papers for many weeks – still in archives of The Morning Call back in the 1980’s.

    I feel I got another very intensive & expensive Ph.D. education in the legal system !


    So then moved on to industry -.

    Air Products & Chemicals, Inc. [APCI] but at their specialty gas “ plant “ in Hometown, PA [APCI Htown] near Tamaqua, not the Trexlertown facility – campus – [APCI Ttown] – supervisor of at first six [6] “ geniuses “ increased to twelve [12] who needed a
    “ lightening rod “ to keep “ corp politics ‘ away so they could do their jobs – in total charge of establishment of about a million dollar cleanroom off site for trace metal analyses, then transferred to the Main Production Lab since this group would be doing a substantial upgrade of it, etc. – probably best job & people to work with ever had in so many ways !

    Storytime – if anyone has been in production you know it is like “ herding cats ! “ trying to best control chaos, hoping for some miracles, etc.

    My goal in all my positions was that they all got their pay check on Friday, that almost all needed so much, and on Monday we started it all over again.

    The head of the lab was a nuclear sub engineer – a good day for him was no one got killed, the nuclear reactor did not blow up and the sub did not sink – “ Miller time !!!”

    So many stories to tell, so little time.

    Safety was # 1 – not perfect, but anyone would remind you if you did not have your personal safety protection equipment on – hardhat, Nomex,, metatarsal boots, safety glasses, etc. Whole plant trained for days each year on safety. I even ran some of the sessions.

    Hazardous of course, but never felt safer – all were always on high alert !

    Prestigious Germantown Friends School [GFS] in Philly as a one [1] semester sabbatical replacement for a friend who taught there.- basic & advanced chemistry – most students were super, but some issues – such teachers need “ combat pay “ in some cases !

    Premium Beverage Packers [PBP] soda plant near Reading PA– manager of quality control / assurance [QC / QA] – went thru 40 tons of liquid sugar a shift , with another 40 tons waiting in the parking lot – my dentist loved that story ! – bottled Walmart Black Cherry soda 24 hours over 4 days just for the local market, among many other products – I still have difficulty going down the soda aisles in the super markets !.

    Minrad Pharmaceuticals in Bethlehem, PA – scientist who discovered the first modern anesthetics – e.g isofluorane & similar compounds, still worked there well into his 80’s ! He gave me copies of some of his publications and patents ! I was again Manager of QC / QA. When our new dog had to go in to be neutered, our vet said that is what they used and it is excellent with very few side effects.

    But with all these companies is so serious financial trouble in the continuing bad economy, the inevitable “ brown box Fridays “ came –

    “ Thanks for the great opportunity to work for this great organization and can I use your name as a reference ? “

    Then in the parking lot with the others – “ let us stay in touch and best of luck ! “

    But those that were left behind of course now had to do our jobs besides their own !

    Also as you get older any job is more difficult to find, so I decided formal retirement in my early 60’s would be the best to concentrate on what was noted before..

    Much more of course – just ask !

    Thanks for reading !!!


  11. Posted on Facebook and includes Veteran’s Day of course in many ways – all part of STS – NSF but in a “ different way ! “

    But on the “ serious “ side !

    Unlike many other countries, you can “ vote “ for your leaders – we elect them as leaders, ” not saints “ and some prove the latter very clearly !

    We are all humans and have our faults and deal with them the best we can, some better than others.

    “ Freedom is not free ! “ – it costs in many ways. All many of us have to do is just vote – less than 15 minutes of our whole life every few years.

    Monday 11/11/2013 is “ Veteran’s Day “ – do a Google search if do not know much about it.

    What more needs to be said ?

    But see below for some more of my details.
    The LMT recent election was “ very clear “ – the will of the people !

    We are a small township so “ every vote still counts ! “ Many elections very close – only a few votes.

    Now on to the future “ together with the overall best interests of LMT long term for the benefit of all ! “

    Notice almost all the elections signs were even down by the next day !
    This is all part of my decades of STS research of course. Just see my new website for many more details – with more coming – http://WWW.KAYPROSTSNSF.ORG.

    So now what ?

    “ Become active for your vote for the next election ! “

    I did – I was at the polls from 7 am to noon, when Mike said I could leave. Many know my blogs, Facebook, emails, etc. and being a resident of LMT since 1974.

    Registered always as an “ independent, “ like my parents, so vote for the best not the party.

    Always voted when I could – but away a couple of years and no absentee ballots then.
    That is me. How about you ? What have you done ? What credibility do you
    have, etc. ?
    But many in the media today just want “ higher ratings and profits “ so keep controversy going and not the truth !

    Learn “ how the game is played, patterns, play book, etc. “ Lot is all on the internet even.

    You have to do your “ homework “ – like in everything else in life !

    I can help with my decades of STS research, but bottom line is “ each of you “ as always !

    Just do what you can, so “ together we all do the best for all long term ! “

    All the great sayings today –

    Agree to disagree
    Do not have to see eye to eye to walk down the same path !

    But then some resort to violence, which just makes it worse, especially for the
    innocents !

    That is why I try to keep it “ light “ as per my STS _ NSF training decades ago – “ our tax dollars at work ! “ Why I feel so strongly about “ pay back ! “

    JFK – “ Ask what you can do for your country, not what your country can do for you ! “

    Yes, 50 years this month about what many of us will never ever forget !

    Yes, and the world is watching us, including the terrorists !

    But still with all our issues – “ why do so many still want to come here ? “

    As an old immigrant said so many years ago, “ If you cannot make it here, you cannot make it anywhere ! “

    So enjoy life – it is the only one we get and no one gets out alive.

    But at the end, “ you did it your way ! “ as the old Frank Sinatra song goes – just Google of course if do not know !

    As the “ ever so confident “ Churchill said on his deathbed –

    “ I am prepared to meet My Maker, but I am not so sure My Maker is prepared to meet me !

    Cheers !

    My new moniker –

    Frank Gadek

    “ At 72, just a LMT old geezer living in the past “

    But it is always “ so comfortable “ there – never changes !

    { Homer of Hosensack said I could use it, since it was his originally on me – I was thrilled ! – so now using it instead of the previous –

    “ LMT Resident since 1974 = 39 years ! }

    See my web site under the folder “ Literature “ about Benjamin Britten’s “ War Requiem “ – controversial sure – lot of classical music stations commemorating his 100 th anniversary this year !

    Then Wilfred Owen poems – “ Dulce et Decoraum Est “ – involved also with “ War Requiem “ – WW I –first chemical war – I am a chemist – why we must be so serious about Syria – but so many other nations on so many other issues.

    Also “ In Flanders Fields “ – the red poppies that grew so well in the WW I battlefields – my relatives always bought and wore them each November.
    Simply, there are some “ bad people “ out there that have to just be taken care of one way or another.

    Read Tom Clancy’s novels or at least watch the four [4] DVD’s of the movies about some.

    Read Tom Brokaw’s book “:The Greatest Generation “ – how would / could we do what they did, if it was us ?
    “ Lot of homework “ here in the greatest most important course we all will ever take in our lives and the biggest final exams – yes plural – they never end !

    Complex, sure, but we can all handle it better in many ways – just do your
    “ homework ! “ Passing is that we all survive – no letter grades – just pass or fail !

    Failure is not an option of course .

    Minimum = at least we tried the best we could ! No one can ask for more.

    I am off the “ soap box “ now, who is next ?

    Now some R & R – wine, dessert & DVD of old B/W movie “ Bulldog Drummond “ my latest adventure – Google him – super + always a “ catch ‘ at the ending !

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